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Our Idea

A few words from us

Valia Papadimitriou

Interactive Marketing Strategist, 7indigo.

Just like any other Greek on his first trip in London, I visited the hall of the Parthenon Sculptures at the British Museum. During the guided tour, to my surprise, I heard the following: “Lord Elgin brought the Parthenon Sculptures in England so that they could be protected – therefore they remained at the British Museum, because in Athens they wouldn’t be offered the same attention”. This occurred 8 years before the inauguration of the New Acropolis Museum.
When I returned in Greece, I discussed this –such as so many other things that had impressed me during my trip- with Aspa. The thought “What if we could do something?” was born inside us. The Return of the Parthenon Marbles was a vision that we had, since we were very young, just like any Greek after all! Without being able to find a way to help the current situation, the matter was forgotten…until my next trip to London two years ago at the moment when the New Acropolis Museum was preparing to host the Parthenon Sculptures.
My impressions for the hall were exactly the same. What had changed though, was the way we were seeing things. We had been working more and more with the Internet and its potentials. We were beginning to understand better the social media power, so when the matter was laid on the table once again, the root was revealed to us: If we could make all world citizens feel like the Greek people, to see how it feels when the half piece of something that belongs to you is away, if we could set the matter under public discussion in Greece, Europe, maybe on an international level as well, then we would have a solution! We had the idea, the means –what could be better than the Internet?     –the only thing missing were the sculptures from the halls of our New Museum!  Let’s BRING THEM BACK!

Aspa Papadimitriou

Marketing Manager, 7indigo.

As soon as Valia and I discussed about her thoughts after the trip in London and specifically after her visit at the British Museum, the first thing I thought was that it was time we took action! There was a way: Internet and Social Media! We would try as well to approach the world citizens, following the most successful recipe: Humor + Social Media= World Spread! All people must learn the truth of the Greek civilization! Everyone must come to our place! 
I feel very proud that from a few simple thoughts, we have achieved to see our idea realized- but nothing has ended so far! Our goal is to unite all Greeks around the world but all the world citizens as well, no matter what  their country or nationality is. Our vision is the Return of The Parthenon Marbles!
Besides, we live in the proper times. In an era that whatever you feel, whatever you experience or you want to see is just a click away!
I say my own "BRING THEM BACK!"

Elli Kousi

ActClick President

When Phedias and his crew were creating the Sculptures in order to decorate the Acropolis, they gave to them part of their soul, they set on them all their love, their care, the anxiety to make them as fast they could, their daily moments and..then…those slipped out of their hands. But their work was completed. They proudly placed the Sculptures, their Sculptures but which now belonged to everyone.

The Sculptures, just like the whole Parthenon stood there, on the sacred rock of the Acropolis. They stood there, where many people could set their own soul, caressing them with their gaze, looking at them with love and filled with awe for their beauty! Since their creation and within the course of time, sometimes they received love and attention and others disinterest and depreciation by the people who were at times near them.
But they always stood there, into aggravating circumstances, until the desire of one single person to obtain them became stronger than them.   
They were cut and separated…Therefore, for most of them, their journey began 209 years ago…
Separated, they had to continue their course through time…to end up at a hall of the British Museum.

Since the moment when Valia and Aspa suggested that we should hold a campaign for the return of the Parthenon Marbles and the Reunification of the Monument through ActClick, I felt that we ourselves, had to give our own love and care for this campaign and for the Sculptures! In this way, two years ago, a huge fight began in order to hold the BRING THEM BACK campaign as best as possible!  

Therefore, we decided that apart from the video of the campaign, we would create the , where all the information and actions, taking place all over the world will be gathered and broadcasted. Starting by the official positions of the Greek Ministry of Culture, the British Museum, the International Committees and other organized entities ending with the individual citizens, who rarely receive a permanent exposal of their efforts.
Our attempt wasn’t easy but it was and keeps being very beautiful! Just like when you set out on a journey, knowing the destination and therefore desiring to arrive there, experiencing at the same time the expectation, the preparations, the anxiety, the joy and sometimes the tiredness. For me, since the very first moment that our journey started, it has been so beautiful and exciting that it has become my own personal “Ithaca”! And as Constantinos Cavafy says:

When you set out on your journey to Ithaca,
pray that the road is long,
full of adventure, full of knowledge.
The Lestrygonians and the Cyclops,
the angry Poseidon - do not fear them:
You will never find such as these on your path,
if your thoughts remain lofty, if a fine
emotion touches your spirit and your body”

On the way, I came across people who embraced the idea of the holding of the campaign and others who kept their distance. Not because they don’t believe in this goal but maybe because they have stopped believing in human beings!
However, I am very happy because we have already created a huge human chain. All of us who form part of this chain, go together in this journey, each one contributing the best he can!
Starting with Valia and Aspa,  Natalia, Dimitris Giorgos, Christos, Dimitra, Rania, Marianthie, Krikor, Panagiotis, Chryssa, Thanos, Giorgos, Vaggelis, my friend Stavros, Katerina and Mr Michalis as well as everyone who are embracing ActClick and "BRING THEM BACK!"

I would like to give special thanks to Giannis Kaspiris, who believed this idea and helped us by directing so beautifully the video of our campaign. I would also like to thank Elena Katritsi, who offered us her time as well as her sweet presence, Mr Spyros Fokas, who was the firmest supporter and participated in the campaign with the passion and the liveliness of a child, since the moment we made him the proposal and Nikos Aliagas, who provokes quivers of excitement to everyone who watches the video because of his enthusiasm.
A big thanks to our Proud Sponsor METAXA and to all the people who have embraced the campaign, since the very first moment that it was presented to them. We would like to give special thanks to our sponsor METAXA who believed in us through each vital contribution and helped the “BRING THEM BACK!” campaign be realized.
It was only one man’s wish that the Sculptures were gone….
It is so many people’s wish that the Sculptures came back to their birth land, the Attic Land!
Let the perfection of the Monument be reformed and the power of the Divine Analogies rise!
I say my own BRING THEM BACK!

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