Terms of Use

The visitor/ user of the pages and services of our site (www.bringthemback.org) ought to read carefully the terms of use and the necessary conditions on the provision of services, which should be taken into consideration before visiting or using our pages and services. Therefore, in case one does not agree with these terms, he/she mustn’t use the site. Otherwise, he/she claims acceptance of the terms and gives his/her consent. The following terms of use stand for all the contents included in the pages of our site. EILID LTD (from now on the right holder company) has the right to modify the terms of use and the conditions anytime. On the other hand, the users/ visitors ought to check the possible changes in the terms of use and since they continue using the page, they should accept the modified terms of use and conditions as well. Otherwise, they must stop using or visiting our site.

Intellectual and industrial property copyright

The content of our site, including illustratively but not restrictively, texts, news, graphics, photographs, diagrams, representations, provided services and all kinds of files, consists our intellectual property, governed by the national and international Orders on Spiritual Property, with the exclusion of the strictly recognized right of third parts. Therefore, the reproduction, republication, copy, save, sale, broadcast, contribution, edition, performance, download, translation, modification in any way, partially or synoptically are strictly prohibited, without the prior written consent by the right holder company.

Exceptionally, the individual save and copy of parts of its content in another personal computer and for personal use only, without intention of commercial or other use and always on the premise of writing its origin source and without necessarily involving the copyright transfer, is allowed. All the other data found in the web pages of our site which consist products of intellectual property of third parts belong in their responsibilities’ sphere and have no connection with our site.

The obligations of the visitor / user of the site

The visitor / user of our site should comply with terms of the Greek, European and International Law and the relative legislation on telecommunications. On the other hand, he/she should avoid the illegal and abusive use of the content and services of our site. The visitors of our site should be discreet during their visit, while the adoption of unfair competition practices or other practices opposing to the NETIQUETTE (a set of social conventions that facilitate interaction over networks). Any damage caused into our site or the network, provoked by the user’s/ visitor’s improper use of the relative services belongs to the sphere of his/ her absolute responsibility.

The limits of the network’s responsibility

The right holder company, without guaranteeing and therefore taking responsibility is making the major efforts so that the information and the total content of the site are governed by the major accuracy, clarity, time proximity, fullness, completeness, rightness and availability. In no case -including neglectfulness- the right holder company assumes responsibility for any possible damage caused to the visitor/ user because of the use of our site. The information and services are provided “as they are”, without no prior or collateral guarantee and are all denied by the right holder, even those of commercialism or appropriateness. There is no case the right holder guaranteed neither the constant and correct provision of its services and content, nor the lack of “viruses” in its site, or in any other site or server, through which one has access to its contents.

Links to other sites

Our site neither is responsible for the content and services of other sites, which are cited through “links”, “hyperlinks” or “commercial banners” nor guarantees for their availability. Problems that may rise during the visit/use of the sites referred, belong only to the responsibility sphere of the equivalent sites, where you ought to address to. The reference of other sites in no case creates any kind of commitment to anyone.

Protection of personal data

The administration and protection of the visitor’s / user’s personal data is governed by the present terms and the relative Orders of the Greek Law ( Law 2472, 1997, Presidential decree 207 / 1998. Presidential decree 79 / 2000) and Article 8 of the Law 2819 / 2000) as well as the European Law (Directive 95/46/ European Parliament and directive 99/66/ European Parliament) The personal data, collected by our site are the following: Necessary ones - Ε-Mail In any case, the user/ visitor of our site, after contacting the competent department and confirming the existence of its file, he/she has the right to ask for its deletion, correction or change. Minors have access to our site, only with their parents’/ guardians’ assent and it is not necessary for them to give their personal data.

Implemented Laws and other terms

The specific contract of use is governed by the provisions of the Greek Law, the Directives and Rules of the European Law and the relative international provisions. It is interpreted though with the principles of bona fide and the exchange principles and the economic and social aim of rights. If any provision is judged to be opposing to the law and as a result becomes invalid and reversible, it stops -without requiring to be convened- to apply, without hurting the other terms in force. No modification of the terms of the specific contract will be taking into consideration, if it is not put forward on paper and is not built as an extra clause into the contract. The competent courts for any possibly risen conflicts, caused by the present contract are the Courts of Athens.

Terms of participation in the “BRING THEM BACK” campaign.

ActClick.com, through EILID.LTD and with METAXA being her Sponsor holds a campaign aiming to the return of the Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum, under the discreet title “BRING THEM BACK.ORG”:

1. The campaign officially begins on the 13th April 2009.

2. The participants need to complete their emails in the participation form in order to take part in the campaign.

3. ActClick.com, EILID LTD and the SPONSOR do not assume any responsibility concerning the validity of the emails, taking part in the competition, as well as for their way of collection. Each participant must agree that the emails he/she is suggesting belong to his/her friends or acquaintances, therefore he/she is the exclusive and main responsible for the delivery or not to their owners. ActClick.com, EILID LTD are divested of any responsibility for the validity, lawfulness and forwarding of the participating emails.

4. The evidence for the participation in the campaign does not imply evidence of the email forwarding.

5. The campaign will be held according to the present terms.

6. ActClick.com preserves the right to expand or shorten the Service any time.

7. ActClick.com will keep a record, including the personal data of the participants, exclusively for the aim of the present contest and according to the provisions of the Law 2472/1997.

8. Each participant preserves the right to ask on paper from ActClick.com to delete his/her personal data.

9. ActClick.com preserves the right to collect the email addresses in order to use them in information operations for its services and/ or the SPONSORS’ and the participation means the explicit acception of this use until it receives the written application for the deletion of the personal data, as mentioned in the above term 8.

10. The participants recognize and accept implicitly that the Service or/and the campaign as well as the related services of special content are able to be affected or even stopped by the network’s performance. In general, the performance, the message and the transmission of data as well as the response time and the access possibility may become subjects to changes or intermissions , absolutely depending from the potential of the existing technology they are based on. Finally, they do not belong to the he control and the responsibility sphere of ActClick.com and EILID LTD.

11. ActClick.com, EILID.LTD and the SPONSOR do not assume any responsibility if -for reasons out their control sphere (illustratively but not restrictively) -that is acts of God, technical problems, system overload, connection’s break with the network, no forwarding or delivery of written emails because of lack of available space, or out of the control sphere of every third part, by whom the messages will be transferred: a) the forwarding or deliverance of the Service’s emails fails, b) the Service is not available for the users for a time period, c)the files of the Service are partly or fully destroyed.

12. ActClick.com and EILID LTD preserve the right to end or stop the Service any time they want for technical, commercial, operational reasons or reasons of public interest, of acts of God or because of a relative decision of another entity or authority which order the end of its operation without former forewarning.

13. ActClick.com, EILID.LTD and the SPONSOR do not assume any responsibility for any possible or collateral damage, any kind of damage and extra expenses that may rise because of a possible break, disfunction or delays in the service operation and the products of the SPONSOR.

14. The present contract will be governed by the Greek Law.

15. Each conflict, disageement or dispute between the signatory parties, arisen by the present contract or related with it, will be processed by the Athenian courts (excluding any other jurisdiction, even the current one)

16. ActClick.com preserves the right to change the terms of participation any time and without a reason or forewarning.

17. ActClick.com is not obliged to renew the information provided in the current page.

18. The participation in the campaign consists a participants’ statement of their awareness and unreserved acceptance of its terms.